The days are long, but the years are short...

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How often do we hear it? "Enjoy this time", "It goes so fast", "Live in the moment". "Appreciate every second." 

While it is true that time goes by FAR too quickly (even when some days seem endless), aiming to fully appreciate every moment while IN the moment is a losing battle. With all the distractions and obligations that require constant and immediate attention, it is nearly impossible to TRULY enjoy and savor the moments while we are in them. 

Photographs let us hit the pause button on life and give us a new perspective. When you look at a picture, the distractions of daily life fade into the background and you can be transported back to those times and REALLY immerse yourself in those feelings. Photographs allow us to relive those fleeting moments again and again and they remind us of all the good in life. 

"The pictures are amazing. You create miracles!!
I absolutely love them."


"Thank you for a great experience and fabulous photos that capture us perfectly"


"We feel so lucky to have found you and to have had you there with us to capture so many special moments."


"May I just say - wow! The photos are absolutely phenomenal. So beautiful!"  


"You always do such a wonderful and thoughtful job of catching the personalities of the whole family.I look at them over and over and over."


"I love, love love my photos!
I'm telling everyone I know!"


"The pictures are beautiful and you were amazing with the kids during the photo session. We will be seeing you again!


"Thanks for capturing our family! You always do an excellent job making everyone look good and keeping it natural."

- Subha

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